[Publication] Release of Jurisdiction Reports on the status of consent for processing personal data (Hong Kong SAR, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines)

The release of jurisdictional reports under the joint project between ABLI and the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) on From Consent-Centric Data Protection Frameworks to Responsible Data Practices and Privacy Accountability in Asia Pacific continues with full steam. In the past month, we have published four more reports. They are for Hong Kong SAR, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.


Those reports provide a detailed overview of relevant laws and regulations in the respective jurisdiction on:

  • notice and consent requirements for processing personal data;
  • the status of alternative legal bases for processing personal data which permit processing of personal data without consent if the data controller undertakes a risk impact assessment (e.g., legitimate interests); and
  • statutory bases for processing personal data without consent and exceptions or derogations from consent requirements in laws and regulations.


The reports are available for free download: Hong Kong SAR, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.


Over the coming weeks, ABLI and FPF will continue publishing similar reports for the remaining eight jurisdictions, which are India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


The joint project will culminate in the release of a comparative review paper built upon the reports of all 14 jurisdictions considered, which will provide detailed recommendations to promote legal convergence around requirements for processing personal data in Asia Pacific.


ABLI and FPF hope that these publications will prove useful to lawmakers, governments, and regulators in Asia (and beyond) who are currently drafting, reviewing, or implementing data protection laws in their respective jurisdictions.


For more detailed descriptions of the joint project, please read the blog post here.

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