A View from the International Bench - Current Topics in Cross-border Dispute Resolution

On 3 June, ABLI successfully held webinar A View from the International Bench – Current Topics in Cross-border Dispute Resolution. Our speakers Dr Michael Hwang S.C. and Justice Anselmo Reyes discussed the significance of the Hague Choice of Court Agreements Convention and Judgments Convention, the behind-the-scene stories and the role of memoranda of guidance (MOG) signed between courts and whether the court has power to extend time limits under the Model Law for setting aside an arbitral award or an appeal against a tribunal’s ruling on jurisdiction during a session moderated by ABLI's Deputy Executive Director Mark Fisher.

The webinar, mainly a free-flowing conversation between the speakers and the moderator, also featured surveys or polls on the familiarity of attendees with the two Hague Conventions and the MOG. Poll results show more familiarity with the Choice of Court Agreements Convention than the Judgments Convention, which should not come as a surprise as the former was concluded in 2005 while the latter only in 2019. In relation to MOG, about 44% of the respondents said they were not familiar with this type of instrument at all, while another 48% said while they knew what an MOG is they have not relied upon it in their work.  

ABLI is heartened to see interest from 11 countries with a good mix of civil and common law traditions, and a diverse range of profession that includes private practitioners, mediators, commercial directors, consultants, policy-makers, etc.

We thank the Singapore International Commercial Court, the Singapore Mediation Centre and the Paris City of Law in helping us with promotion of the webinar.



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