[Publication] Chinese Translation for Data Privacy Compendium Published

A team of contributors led by Dr Hong Yanqing, Senior Researcher of the Law and Development Academy of Peking University, has prepared the Chinese (simplified) translation of the Regulation of Cross-Border Transfers of Personal Data in Asia, the Phase-1 Compendium of ABLI's Data Privacy Project.

You can download a copy of the translation here for free.

Since its publication in May 2018, the Compendium has been downloaded over 4,000 times, and has been referenced to on many major occasions, including being cited in the landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of India on the constitutionality of India's Aadhaar system. ABLI is grateful for all contributors who voluntarily contributed their time and effort to this initiative, and is hopeful that the translation will be an informative read for the data privacy community in Mainland China where public awareness of, and interest in, data privacy issues are rapidly growing. 

The translation is also available on the WeChat public account of 网安寻路人. 

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